Damsel Brew Pub | Damsel Brew Pub, Evansville, Indiana
Damsel Brew Pub is a family friendly micro-brewery and restaurant located in Evansville, Indiana. Serving craft beer, lunch, dinner, brunch and more.
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Damsel Brew Pub is a family friendly micro-brewery located in the heart of Evansville, Indiana.  We are crafting some of Indiana’s finest beer and matching it with our chef inspired pub fare.  

Join us on our voyage.


Crowlers to Go.

 You can now take your favorite Damsel Brew Pub beer selection to your own destination. We have 32oz Damsel Beer Crowlers to-go.   Think monster-size beer can!

They are perfect for the beach, as a gift or for your own private celebration.    It’s a great way to sample our crafted brews.  We also have coozies to match.


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